Wednesday, April 28, 2010

tentang aq,,

heyhey..tis is the 1st time i wrote in tis i'm new blogger . then nk introdce myself .
name nursyahimah binti jalil,,short nme cyma o erna.,pmr candidate this year..doakn aq get straight a taw!! juz as simple prson..lau bley,sume owg kt dlm dnia ni aq nk jdkn kwn..p lmrah kwn , ad lwn,,beware of it..

aq syg ccgt ngn pe yg aq ad skunk ni..especially my fmly n all my members..lau bley,aq xnk hilg dowg..hbi aq mmbce(espcially nvel),men sudoku n favrte =cheese,chocolate n blueberry..ske wne biru,htm,pth n hjau mda..d.o.b lk 23/6/ that's all taw lbey lnjut .komen2 la tisblog okeyh! tata

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